How To Travel Vacation And Grow Rich Part 2 of 5

This is about taking advantage of the travel industry’s secrets. Taking that dream vacation at wholesale and making money!Remember that Expedia was sold for $5.1 Billion Dollars! Wonder why?I really wondered why such a high price was paid for an internet travel store until researching some important facts.People love to travel. It is the number one (1) thing that people say that they would do if they had the money and the time to do it. Because of the major trends that are taking place, more and more people now have the time and the money to travel.So They Are Traveling!!82% of all travel is booked online meaning, through the internet. 79 million Americans booked their travel on line in 2005.In the last decade, more than 200,000 travel agents have lost their jobs. By 2004 there were only 103,000 travel agents left in the United States.People like you and me were buying travel from the Internet Travel Stores.The travel industry today is a 1.3 Trillion dollar business here in the US.7 Trillion worldwide. Wouldn’t you like a piece of that! That amounts to $56 million a minute spent on travel in the U.S. alone.The travel industry is growing 23% faster than the global economy.Of that economy, tourism accounts for 11% of all consumers spending worldwide.The travel industry is bigger than the oil business.There is continued growth of Internet e-commerce. Consumers spend billions on the Internet, and travel is the fastest growing segment of that trend.Consumers are comfortable buying things such as cars, homes, and, of course travel online.Baby boomers are retiring at the rate of 1 every 8 seconds and what do they want to do? That’s right, Travel.Because of this the travel industry is about to experience an explosive boom: it is expected to double to $14 Trillion worldwide in the next 10 years.Why Would You Or Anyone, Not Want to Own An Internet Travel Store!Let’s See Why:You and the people you know are going to travel anyway, so, doesn’t it just make sense to…1.Get paid for that travel?2.Make a substantial amount of your personal travel tax deductible rather than paying for it with after tax dollars?3.Travel as an insider, with potential perks and benefits, rather than as an outsider?WHY WOULD ANYONE WANT TO THROW MONEY AWAY FOR NO REASON? This Is So Unique—It Has Two Opportunities in one!1. You own your own travel business with a company supported website and Earn 60% of the commissions from all travel booked on your site!2. You benefit from the greatest referral compensation plan in the industry and Make money every time you and your Rep team refer someone to the travel business. Just like I am showing you!I don’t want you to be confused, so the first one is an Online Travel Agency where you have travel credentials and are referred to as a referring travel agent. This is where you make 60% of all commissions on all travel booked on your travel site. You, your friends and family do the booking on your site.The second is as an Independent Marketing Representative showing your friends about this opportunity. The Company Is Financially SolidThe company was founded in January 2001 and is a wholly owned subsidiary of YTB International, a publicly-traded company (YTB.PK) The last three years the company has gotten the highest award from Carnival Cruise line for travel bookings. WOW

Pointers On How To Use Niche Marketing To Boost Your Home Based Business

Business pundits sharply caveat the aspiring entrepreneur to identify his target market and appraise if its size can commensurately keep his home based business alive. This is an ingenious step to accomplish preferably before the grand opening ribbon is ceremoniously cut.Niche marketing is earmarked by small, specialized market segments. It is the process of focusing on a product or service that mainstream businesses usually choose to bypass on account of what they consider slim profit potentiality; and as a matter of course, makes the niche available to the small businessman. It will definitely not be a cakewalk to eyeball a suitable niche market, but finding and embracing one will certainly rake in the profits you’d love to see.A matter of consequence about effective niche marketing is that it is contingent on a consistently continuous customer base. It is foolish to promote a product or idea that the consumer would only need once in his lifetime, except when colossal sales is expected. Another disadvantageous stunt that a reckless home based business entrepreneur is usually guilty of is indiscriminate mass marketing, – the most generic way to squander business resources. However, it would be heart-stirring to know about the vastness of untapped niche business opportunities waiting to be scooped out by the zealous businessman.Here are some pointers on how to effectively niche market:1. Make an accurate assessment of your potential target market. Don’t fall into the ever-tempting snare of being over-presumptuous. Even if your buyers seem eagerly ready to buy, make sure your offer is one they can hardly resist. Circumvent your competitions’ marketing campaigns but make sure you do not fail your customers’ expectations. And periodically gauge the effectiveness of your sales techniques (e.g. ask for feedbacks.)2. Utilize tools and resources that will ensure unfaltering niche sales and profitability. The Internet is replete with stuff that are designed to improve and boost home based businesses through niche marketing. Mentors volunteer their tutelage adjunctly with the products or ideas they sell.3. Enhance your product/idea continuously. You don’t really have to devise a novel product – spruce up existing ones (e.g. append a tiny element). Make it a point to beat your best; satisfied customers will spread the good word out.4. Rehash the business plan; implement fully your niche marketing strategies – ad-lib, improve, upgrade, as you think best.5. Invest a pat faith on yourself and on your product; if your sweet reason does not believe that your product has what sells, no sensible buyer in this planet will patronize you. In this regard, it would be wise to target a niche that you can relate somehow (if you love pets, find a specific aspect of pet caring that you can easily get your hands into.) You know what your talents and strengths are; count them as assets to your business and apply them pertinently. And, inflate your passion when you encounter depressing circumstances by getting more acquainted with your target market.Home based business entrepreneurs opt to niche specialize because the costs and workload are manageable. There are countless at-home businessmen who amassed generous profits because they had aggressively niche marketed. Cruise to Cash home based travel business, the latest innovation to online travel marketing, targets a plumbless niche because practically every breathing human being love to travel. It’s a novel business idea contrived to satisfy men’s yen for leisure and profits.

Looking To Get Started With A Popular Travel Business?

People everywhere are trying to get out of the 9 to 5 doldrums. Most are looking to work from home and yet the marketplace is saturated with travel industries that are posed to make billions of dollars for the baby boomer generation. Which one should you pick? How will you know what company delivers and has the best in customer satisfaction?Don’t be too quick to jump to conclusions. Do some homework first. Some of these travel companies have been around for a decade or more and some of the early representatives have already made their money. Even though they know their travel packages are worthless in value and there are plenty of unsatisfied customers, they will still encourage you to join them and eagerly take your money. There are other travel companies where you put up a website and direct traffic to it, when you are only doing business to pad your upline sponsor. There are several different systems to help you build your business and they all take time and money. I would suggest while doing your homework, that you find the travel company with the best track record, especially in customer service; because you will be building your reputation on your happy customers. And of course, this too will lead to referrals down the road.The last thing you want to do is spend your capital on a company that doesn’t produce a happy customer or a happy downline. You must look for a group of people that are dedicated to honesty and integrity and gives you team support when you need it. You are looking for a business built on high standards. Forget the “superstars” who guarantee you $5,000 your first week. They may have made that by bringing in their other downline with them from another company, and they won’t have the time to help you once you give them your money.Look for a leader who is hooked into a strong sales team that will help you build your dream and make YOU a happy customer.