Travel Ventures As a New Home Based Business

The Company Travel Ventures is actually called TVI Express (Travel Ventures International). Travel Ventures corporate office is in London, also with offices in Cypress and Heathrow. It is a new travel business in the travel industry which also offers a new home based business opportunity.Travel Venture launched the start of its company in the start of the year of 2009. This company took off like crazy and exceeded way beyond its expectations. The new travel company offers memberships with the opportunity to start your own business.If you were to enter into a membership it would cost you a $250.00 investment that you would only pay once. You will only have to pay this one fee with no other costs. This would give you the access to your back office and then you would be able to have your own site to operate your business and book at a discount rate in which to travel. You would also be getting discounts a car rentals, hotels, airfare and on many more travel options.New members receive a travel voucher for 7 days and 6 nights at any hotel or resort within their system. TVI guarantees the lowest rates or they will match the the lowest rate with an extra 10% more off. Members have the opportunity to promote the reselling of memberships which gives you the compensation plan that pays on a revolving matrix plan.Next you will need to sign up 2 people with the company. You will need to build a downline so you can move along in the compensation plan. The 2 people that joined under you will need to encourage people to join under them and continue the process to build a downline. As you keep duplicating this process you will be making commissions when you enter into the travelers board. There you will receive $250 and a $250 voucher toward travel. Next up the line you can enter into the express board where you will receive $10,000 and $5,000 in vouchers to travel which you then cycle back into another express board and keep duplicating this process.This company has taken off with such force that it exceeded its goal of 20,000 by 300,000 new members already, way within its first year. The company made $3 million in the first month in sales, with 5 of the members reaching a profit of over $1 million.Travel Venture is now bringing in 40 thousand members a month. With such unexpected growth the company was down for a month to expand and upgrade its way of handling the large and vast increase of business. With this problem fixed and up running full steam, the company then joined partnership with the World Travel Bureau to help with the travel bookingsWith business growing at a successful rate and the opportunity to keep growing is huge. In order to build a large downline you will need to learn how to get your business out there and how to generate leads and traffic. You want to learn from leaders who have already reached the top, so you can duplicate what they did. It is up to you to make it happen and have the successful business you desire. The internet home business is taking off since there is no economy crisis on the internet. This is the new way today to succeed in business.

The Truth About Government Travel Advisories, Warnings and Alerts

If you’re like most people and you believe that government travel advisories, warning and alerts represent the most accurate advice for business travellers then you are terribly mistaken.Here are the key elements that all business travellers and travel managers need to know regarding the validity and application of government travel alerts and travel related advice. Knowing and understanding these few simple issues will save your company unnecessary travel delays and disruptions under almost any circumstance. The main points to always consider in the wake of a renewed or updated advisory, warning or alert is the target audience, specific government resources, commercial relevance and the avoidance of evacuation scenarios.The primary demographic for government advisories are first time travellers, backpackers, families and anyone else with little to no prior travelling experience and preparation or the lowest possible denominator. It is this group that governments aim their advice and analysis towards with the belief that if this group is adequately informed, then all remaining demographics will be covered. Unfortunately this results in an artificially low benchmark for all travellers not within this group.These other groups depend upon travel for business productivity, management and administration and the more likely to have their travel plans altered unnessesarily due to many government alerts. This is in part due to corporate risk avoidance (in the belief the government travel advisories are adequate) and insurance companies benchmarking many of their travel policy exclusions on that of government travel advice (again, in the belief the government are catering to their needs too). Unless you are a first time traveller, significantly inexperienced or lack appropriate business support while travelling, then the majority of government travel advice does not apply to you.Detailed examination of dedicated resources aimed at travel related advice and content typically reveals little more than a handful of “specific” resources. That is, someone or department dedicated solely to the collection, analysis and dissemination of commercially relevant travel advice. Most government resources are “shared” services when it comes to travel intelligence and advice with general non-government travel a very small increment of their overall mandate. Smaller countries have no dedicated resources and simply “share” the advice from coalition partners or more populace countries, further diluting the relevance to their citizens. Most continuous travel advisory services, provided by a government, are little more than a chronology of publicly available media updates. While resources are limited in the first instance, it is the lack of commercial experience that constitutes the greatest flaw to government travel advisories.What little resources there are that are aimed at travel intelligence typically lack any direct commercial experience. Therefore, all their apparent advice is predicated more on the interests of the government (resulting in censorship, omissions and politically correct publications) than that of any business sector or commercial demographic. When you have soldiers, government agents and police officers commenting on matters relating to commerce and business travel, you get little actionable advice due to their inability to put into commercial context the impact events may have from a purely commercial perspective rather than a transnational or political viewpoint.Behind closed doors, most governments admit they do not maintain nor posses the resources (assumed by most of their citizens) for large scale evacuations from any corner of the globe. Regrettably many travellers have grown to assume that complete failure to take responsibility for their own safety and security while travelling will always be compensated by the government’s ability to swoop in and save then if they should so choose. This is wrong and very dangerous for those with such a belief. For those governments that would even consider an evacuation of their nationals (not very many) they will often go to great lengths to advise their citizens to leave or make personal arrangements long before any government is forced into acting. Landing troops or foreign government elements in someone else’s country is always the choice of last resort and highly prone to complications, even if it were possible.Anything published by a government will always have the country’s national interests such as economy, trade and diplomatic relationships carefully considered before release. Anything that may threaten such strategic goals is likely to be withheld, including government travel advisories, warnings and alerts. Now that you understand the importance of being self sufficient and discerning when it comes to government travel advice you will waste less time placing priority on such updates and focus on more commercially relevant inputs. As a result, your company travel risk management process will be far more resilient and less impacted by the stop/start affect created by government updates, warnings and alerts. You may also now identify gaps that need to be filled by insufficient commercial content from government sources.Government travel advisories, warnings and alerts focus on the wrong target demographic, lack the appropriate resources, have little commercial relevance and seek to avoid last minute acts such as evacuations. Now that you too are aware of these limitations you should be better positioned to make business decisions in the wake of crisis, emergency and dynamic events that affect a location and your business travellers. Business travel risk management is a commercial process and can only be achieved with appropriate commercial products and services.

3 Ways To Make Your Business Trip More Comfortable

While most people tend to think that business travel is all fun and games, the novelty wears really quickly and extensive business travel can really take its toll. It can be tiring, boring and lonely. If you have a family back home it can actually be much more stressful. Not seeing them and the stress it can put on your marriage are all things that businesses never take into account. In the end you are the one suffering and unless you take some definite steps you can end up burnt out.So, what can you do to make your business trips more bearable? Here are 3 tips that really work.1. Business ClassDepending on your position, I’d suggest that you insist on traveling business class – especially if you have to fly long distances. It makes a huge difference and its much more than a bit more luxury. You will feel a lot more rested, have a lot less stress and be much better off when you do step of the plane.2. SkypeLoneliness is one of the things that makes business trips really bad. You can only have that many meals and conversations with colleges before that becomes boring. Skype is a great invention and allows you to have full video chats with your loved ones back home. Its really cheap and easy to set up and even now with some flights having internet access it can be a great way to stay in touch.3. TransportThere is nothing like arriving in a foreign city, picking up a rental car and getting lost. If its in a city like London or Paris it can be incredibly stressful – especially when you have to drive on the wrong side of the road. You can eliminate all this stress by booking yourself a corporate driver – even if its just for the first few days. It takes a lot of pain and headaches out of the equation.